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Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship – Building Legacies in London

Welcome to Turnkey Contractors Ltd, London's epitome of architectural excellence in Design and Build projects. As a distinguished firm among Contractors in London, we intertwine luxury with practicality, delivering comprehensive building services that begin with a visionary concept and culminate in flawless execution. Our approach harmoniously blends aesthetics with utility, making each project a masterpiece in its own right.

Turnkey Excellence: From Concept to Completion

At Turnkey Contractors Ltd, we stand out as High End Residential Contractors in London, offering complete turnkey solutions for all your renovation desires. Our services range from state-of-the-art Basement Extensions in London to elegantly designed Kitchen Extensions. Each project is a delicate balance of luxurious design and functional living spaces, crafted to not just captivate the eye but also serve every practical need with precision.


Turnkey Contractors Ltd: From Blueprint to Reality with London's Top Design and Build  Specialists

At Turnkey Contractors Ltd, our distinction as premier builders stems from a holistic approach to design and construction. Our expertise isn't limited to specific projects like basement extensions or kitchen renovations. Instead, we specialize in complete home transformations, uniquely tailored to harmonize with your individual style and functional requirements.

With us as your chosen contractors, your quest for excellence isn't confined to the city's heart. Our mission is to deliver superior quality across the region, transcending geographical limits. We're committed to providing top-tier design and build services that redefine industry standards, no matter where in the area you're located.

Kitchen extension london

Completed Turnkey Projects

See our latest finished projects.

Opting for Turnkey Contractors Ltd means you place your vision in the hands of a team of experts who excel in blending luxury with functionality. Our builders, based in the heart of London, are not just tradesmen; they are artisans committed to reaching the heights of architectural excellence. Be it transforming basements into lavish retreats or infusing modern flair into traditional kitchens, our goal is always to surpass your expectations with our results.

So, why should Turnkey Contractors Ltd be your first choice? It's simple: we are unparalleled in our field. As esteemed High-End Residential Contractors, our reputation is firmly rooted in client satisfaction, exemplary craftsmanship, and innovative architectural design. When you collaborate with us on Design and Build projects, you become more than a client; you join us on a creative voyage to realize a living space that is not only luxurious and comfortable but also deeply personal and reflective of your unique taste.

New Home Design And Build London

New Builds

Building homes to the highest standards with the latest innovation in design and construction. 

Basement 1.jpg


Using space below your home is a great way of adding additional floor area.

Kitchen finish by builders in london

Design And Build 

Taking you from initial conception to completion, covering all elements of design and construction so you don't have to.  

Kitchen finished by builders in london


Transforming homes into  luxury spaces with refined design and expert craftsmanship. 


Design & Build

Taking you from concept to completion.

Kitchen Extension London

House Extensions

Expertly extending homes to create luxurious spaces  fit for families and wellness and modern living.

Work with us

Reach out to us today for your next upscale residential project in London. As the high-end residential contractors you've been looking for, we're here to bring your dream home into reality. Let's start the journey of transforming your vision into a living masterpiece.

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