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The Gold Standard for New Builds by Turnkey Contractors Ltd, the Foremost Contractors London

Step into a world where dreams take architectural form with Turnkey Contractors Ltd, the experts in Design and Build London. As your go-to Contractors London, we've mastered the art of constructing residences that redefine luxury, excellence, and value.

When it comes to new builds, our service capabilities as Contractors London extend beyond the conventional. Our signature turnkey solutions epitomize the qualities you look for in High End Residential Contractors London. From the preliminary sketches to the final trim, we oversee your project with an eye for unparalleled craftsmanship.

Our forte isn't limited to the basics. Specializing in Basement Extensions London and Kitchen Extensions London, we add layers of sophistication and functionality to your new home. Through meticulous planning and design, our Builders in London turn these once-overlooked spaces into the crown jewels of your residence.

Known for our Design and Build London expertise, we focus on more than just aesthetics. Each project engineered by our Builders in London marries innovative construction techniques with breathtaking design. The end result is a domicile that stands as a testament to quality, laden with features that ensure a premium lifestyle.

Elegant London new build featuring classic design elements, by Turnkey Contractors Ltd.
New home built by turnkey contractors builders in london

With Turnkey Contractors Ltd, you're not just getting a new build; you're investing in a lifelong asset.

As your trusted Main Contractors in London, we go beyond the city's skyline. Our footprint extends to various boroughs, offering an array of services that include top-tier Basement Extensions London and kitchen transformations.


Our commitment as High End Residential Contractors London is to craft homes that embody luxury, comfort, and functionality. What makes us unique among Contractors London is our dedication to delivering on these commitments without compromise. From using premium materials to integrating the latest technology, our approach makes us the go-to Builders in London for new builds.

Our Design and Build London services encompass a holistic approach that caters to your bespoke needs. Whether you wish to include modern Basement Extensions London or chic Kitchen Extensions London, we ensure your new home reflects your lifestyle and aesthetic aspirations. With our commitment to timelines and budget adherence, you can rest assured that your new home will be a masterful blend of quality and efficiency.

"The outcome of the job was excellent. They followed all the aspects of the ....I will recommend them to my future customers. Thanks for your great service."

Mochi, Architect

New home build by turnkey contractors, builders in london

To experience the Turnkey Contractors Ltd difference, connect with us today. Let us give shape to your dreams and build a home that reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations.

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