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An Award Winning Construction Company

You Create The Vision, We Build It.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship – Building Legacies in London

Welcome to Turnkey Contractors Ltd, where Design and Build London projects are transformed into masterpieces of art and architecture. As a leading Contractors London firm, we seamlessly integrate luxury and functionality into every aspect of our comprehensive building services, from the initial concept to project completion.

Timely Project Execution and Budget Management

In our role as High End Residential Contractors London, we offer a turnkey package to fulfill all your home renovation requirements. Our service portfolio is diverse, encompassing everything from ultra-modern Basement Extensions London to exquisite Kitchen Extensions London. Every project we undertake is an exercise in balancing luxury and functionality, resulting in spaces that not only look spectacular but also serve their intended purpose to perfection.

Kitchen extension london

Turnkey Contractors Ltd: From Blueprint to Reality with London's Top Design and Build London Specialists

What sets us apart as premier Builders in London is our holistic approach to design and construction. We don’t just focus on isolated projects like Basement Extensions London or Kitchen Extensions London. Instead, our services encompass complete home transformations tailored to resonate with your unique aesthetic and functional needs.

With Turnkey Contractors Ltd as your chosen Contractors London, you don't have to confine your search for excellence within the heart of the city. Our mission to deliver superior quality knows no geographical boundaries. We’re dedicated to providing Design and Build London services that redefine industry standards, regardless of where you're located.

Kitchen extension london

Completed Turnkey Projects

Choosing Turnkey Contractors Ltd means entrusting your vision to a team of experts who understand the finer nuances of luxury and functionality. Our Builders in London are more than just tradesmen; they are craftsmen dedicated to achieving the pinnacle of architectural brilliance. Whether it's transforming basements into plush living spaces or adding a touch of modernity to traditional kitchens, we deliver results that exceed expectations.

So, why should Turnkey Contractors Ltd be your first choice? Simple: we excel in what we do. As elite High End Residential Contractors London, our reputation rests on a bedrock of client satisfaction, superior craftsmanship, and architectural innovation. When you engage us for Design and Build London projects, you're not just another client; you're a partner in a creative journey that culminates in a luxurious, comfortable, and personalized living space.

New Home Design And Build London

New Builds

Building homes to the highest standards with the latest innovation in design and construction. 

Kitchen Extension London

House Extensions

Expertly extending homes to create luxurious spaces  fit for families and wellness and modern living.

Kitchen finish by builders in london

Design And Build 

Taking you from initial conception to completion, covering all elements of design and construction so you don't have to.  

Kitchen finished by builders in london


Transforming homes into  luxury spaces with refined design and expert craftsmanship. 

Work with us

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next upscale residential project in London. After all, we're the High End Residential Contractors London that you’ve been searching for, a team that translates your dream home into a tangible reality.

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